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Akiyah Hawaryat received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Christian Counseling and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Human Services – Executive Leadership to add to her  20 plus years of studies in  Cultural Sciences with an emphasis on African American studies. In 2009, she founded Infinite Expressions, a non-profit organization focusing on writing and cultural workshops for youth and minority families, in which her overall perspective is the driving force behind its publishing ventures and mentoring.

Akiyah believes culture, one’s ancestral blueprint, plays a detrimental role in ethnic identification and individuation, which may be the most important aspect of establishing and maintaining one’s level of dignity and self-worth. Through individuation one attempts to find purpose and wholeness within themselves to feel a sense of belonging amongst various differences. Without an articulate knowledge and accessibility to practice one’s true culture, humanity runs a high risk of spiritual incapacitation through acculturation and such other dilemmas.

Cultural sustainability is important to Akiyah because of her personal path of self-discovery and innate sense of purpose which compels her to share her experiential journey with others, so that they may also find wholeness within themselves, circumstances, and environment.

Americans are a melting pot of blended differences which Akiyah finds remarkable. Knowledge of one’s own culture is wonderful, but of other’s is a blessing. It allows one to be confident in whom they are, while also having respect for the uniqueness and splendor of diversity. Tolerance is then gained, which is dearly needed in the world’s collective future. These works are a contribution to Divine understanding and Blessings.

Top this with her songs and it speaks for itself.  Visit her at her site INFINITE EXPRESSIONS for more to come…


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